Product Development

You can consider Candev as being in the business of converting your ideas into reality. Our focus has always been on providing software development solutions with techniques and methodologies like DevOps, Waterfall, Prototyping, SCRUM, Agile and many more. We develop products with a human-centric approach and our varied teams of developers have their hands on full life cycle digital product development.

Our Product Development process includes understanding the market, its reach, generating grand ideas for execution, studying the possibilities thoroughly, product testing and assurance of a smooth product launch. Product Development is crucial to us; we perform exactly as required according to the market dynamics.

Improving your time to market, experience increased profitability and end-to-end product development is our genre and our clients vouch for it.

Product Development

Product Roadmap

At Candev, we discover, identify and create an outline for the specific market demands thereby creating a roadmap for the Product Development cycle. We study CRM, data analytics in order to develop your products in a manner that creates maximum brand value. Thus, our product development services are highly recommended as they are scalable, resilient and above all user-friendly. With numerous suggestions and customer-focused methodology, our software developers build software on robust platforms.

Multi-Platform Proficiency

We have a diverse team of designers who possess knowledge about the latest technologies, multiple languages, frameworks etc. according to the latest trends in the market. This enables us in Product Development that is most suitable to your needs. Under web development, our developers have vast experience in Python, Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP, PHP etc. Under Cloud Services, our team is well-versed with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud amongst others.

Product Architecture Designing

Product Architecture and its development are of prime importance in our Product Development process. We make well-defined strategies by creating information architecture, wireframing and the latest UX design that is compelling and attractive. Our product designs are innovative and creative, well-blended with razor-edge technology aligned specifically to your business needs.

Product Testing & Launch

On completion of Product Development, we go on to the phase of Product Testing. Candev abides by strict quality analysis and conducts UAT testing to see the stability and security of the developed product. We get into the details of each project and deliver results that suit all kinds of organizations. Our experienced developers then use a prototyping approach to test your product under market conditions to minimize risk. Product Development platforms are also tested for customization, resilience and scalability.

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