Software Development Services/Solutions India

In our software development segment, we offer expert web solutions encompassing Quality Engineering, Database Management, and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, and machine learning. With our expertise in software development, we formulate effective software strategies and assist you in their implementation. Our comprehensive process involves meticulous discovery, initiation, delivery, and ongoing maintenance.

We stay abreast of the latest technologies in the market and adopt a customer-focused approach. Our extensive domain experience combined with highly innovative and technically competent teams ensures that we deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Software Development Services Ahmedabad

Custom Software Development

Candev has developed solutions keeping abreast with the best customer-oriented solutions that are strongly focused on operational efficiency, greater ROI, digitization, automation and enterprise integration. Our team has developers that are subject experts on their respective technologies and customize the software for you in the way you want. Our customized software products include cloud-based software products and SaaS-based products.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise software solutions meet all your business needs and are the urgent need of the hour. If you are looking for strategic digital transformation in your sector, we help you and act as a means to that end. Our specialized services include making software for Financial Management, Supply chain management, E-commerce, Inventory management, Distribution and shipping and Customer relationship management.

Maintenance & Support

With the fast-changing technology, it has become the ultimate need of the hour to keep up with the fast pace. Thus, Candev will always be at your service with 24*7 maintenance services and support with a reliable team who can fix problems and provide solutions in real-time. Candev strongly believed that frontend and backend support is highly necessary. Hence, we are at your service as and when required. With us, you can have a seamless experience and the best solutions guaranteed in a short span of time.

Software Integration

Apart from building for you the right software, Candev also provides you with services like migrating from a legacy system to a new database system, including cloud-based data storage, data integration, reliable API and other services to improve your software. We take care of all the aspects like Presentation graphics, page layout, paint, calendar, address book, email and other applications. Our team also specializes in Enterprise Application Integration(EAI), Data Integration(DI) and Electronic Document Integration/Interchange (EDI)

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